High Capacity Rotary Screen Cleaner

High Capacity Multi-Cylinder Length Separator

CRIPPEN NORTHLAND SUPERIOR SUPPLY CO. is the Canadian Marketing Arm for Crippen Manufacturing Company.  We are a leading designer and supplier of grain and seed cleaning systems and equipment. Our customers include grain export terminals, grain elevators, flour and feed mills, malt, pulse, and oilseed processors, and seed cleaning plants across Canada, the USA, and internationally.

Crippen Northland Superior provides solutions to accurately separate and size grain and seed products on the basis of length, width, thickness, surface texture, density and color. Our broad range of standard and customized products will meet virtually all applications and capacities.

All Crippen Manufacturing Company grain cleaners are the result of many years of design, engineering, and applications knowledge, and have a reputation for proven design, efficiency and reliability, quality of workmanship, and simplicity of operation.


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